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Girls’ School Management

Khaled International Schools (KiS) Riyadh have come a long way throughout the past few years. Catching up with the 21st century teaching and learning, the school has incorporated digital learning, hands on and inquiry based approaches in its curriculum. Using the most recent editions of international books and online programs, KiS learners have widened their educational exposure and experiences.
This achievement would not have been possible without the support of the schools’ Board members, dedicated management team and devoted teachers.
The literature on organizations and motivation theories supports the idea that a happy individual is able to better perform in any field; therefore, KiS closely upholds the LWIS Network motto "We Measure Success One Happy Learner at a Time". We strive to get each and every learner to perform to the best of his/her ability which we believe will affect their attitude towards learning and provide them with exemplary education.

Boys’ School Management

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website of Khaled International Schools (KiS) Riyadh, members of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network.

Should you choose our schools for your children's education, we will do our best to assist you and your children to settle quickly into our community and make the most of this educational opportunity. Our international curriculum enriches our students’ learning and understanding by promoting a culture of thinking, inquiry and reflection, resilience and independence.
Beyond the classroom, KiS offers its learners many opportunities to reach the highest levels of attainment and performance.

Our learners regularly participate in debates and in a wide range of competitive and recreational sporting events, service learning and outdoor activities.
At Khaled International Schools, we believe that “We Measure Success One Happy Learner at a Time”, and ultimately, that our children are the cornerstone of our society.
Hence, providing these future leaders with the very best education is necessary.
We hope that by browsing our website you will gain insight into the many opportunities and challenges that we offer our learners.
We look forward to working with you and developing a relationship that will contribute to the growth of your child/children.


About kis riyadh

Welcome to KiS Riyadh where "We Measure Success One Happy Learner at a Time"!

Khaled International Schools (KiS) Riyadh Boys’ and Girls’ schools were founded in 1995 as private, international, English-medium, day schools (KG1 to Grade 12) that cater for Saudi and non-Saudi learners. The schools also offer Arabic as a first and second language as well as French for communication purposes. KiS are learner-centered in philosophy of education and multi-national in curriculum, staff, students and range of services.

KiS Riyadh are members of the LWIS Network since 2012. KiS offer a tailor-made American Curriculum and are accredited by Advanced. Both schools are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

The schools’ purpose-built facilities house an independent Girls’ School KG1 to Grade 12 where the Preschool classes in the Girls’ School are co-educational, while Grades 1, 2 and 3 boys are housed in independent classes in the Girls’ School. The facilities also accommodate an independent Boys’ School Grades 4 to 12.


purpose purpose

At KiS, we aim to create a safe, flexible and nurturing learning environment where children, faculty, staff and families work together to enhance everyone’s cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development through learner-centered, holistic education and the integration of technology.

Guided by the core values of respect, responsibility, partnership and life-long learning, KiS will honor the special gift in each child and support every learner to become a contributor to positive change in his/her country, and in an ever-diverse international community of learners.

Khaled International Schools endeavor to have in the heart of Riyadh, distinguished, learner-centered schools that exemplify a collaborative and cooperative learning environment and a rigorous, caring learning community, where growth and life-long learning traits are inherent attributes to all young and adult learners. To have schools that educate and develop the whole child and exemplify equity among learners’ diverse academic potentials, learning styles, and social standings. To have schools that capitalize on partnership with parents, faculty, staff, and administrators to enable and empower learners to reach their maximum potential. To have schools that prepare learners to be active citizens in their own countries who can contribute positively in building our ever-advancing world. To build a learning community that empowers staff to utilize their professional training and provides them with ample opportunities for thorough ongoing professional development, personal growth, and self-actualization. To have schools that are constantly engaged in continuous improvement planning.


In fulfilling our mission, we will adhere to the following core beliefs

first beliefs

The ultimate goal of education is to cultivate in each learner a lifelong passion for learning.

second beliefs

Learners learn best in a respectful, supportive community of trust where each learner’s learning needs and abilities are understood and accommodated as fully as possible.

third beliefs

Physical and emotional health is critical to the development of each learner’s personal potential.

forth beliefs

The school shares with families the responsibility for fostering in each learner strength of character, a sense of personal responsibility and an attitude of faith, reverence and acceptance ofothers.

fifth beliefs

The transformation of teaching institutions into active and cooperative learning environments is vital to ensure quality education.

sixth beliefs

Each learner’s academic potential is most fully realized through a challenging and varied multilevel curriculum integrating the latest technologies combined with the appropriate support.

seventh beliefs

Intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge but also its application in analytical, creative and expressive ways that make learning meaningful to the learner.

eightth beliefs

Each learner’s life is enriched in a diverse community where differences among people are accepted, recognized and celebrated.

nineth beliefs

The development of moral leadership in each learner should include instilling a commitment to use one’s knowledge, skills and resources in the service of others within the community in order to promote and foster positive change.

tenth beliefs

The schools should serve as hubs for promoting educational, environmental, social and cultural awareness within the community at large.


promise one

To develop an educational experience where they are actively engaged in a challenging curriculum that supports their holistic development as human beings.

promise 2

To refine and enhance character education, leadership training and conflict-resolution skills, encouraging knowledge discovery and investigation skills in all learners.

promise 3

To reach all learners by keeping abreast of the latest practices in instruction, differentiation and technology integration.

promise 4

To insure that the standards of our American curriculum are continuously adapted to the needs of our international community of learners.


To deliver our mission, our school is committed to utilizing the following strategies:

Student-Centered Approach: We are committed to developing the abilities of all our students, honoring their different learning styles, multiple intelligences and cultural backgrounds. Each learning experience is designed to cater to the student’s individual needs with the goal of guiding him/her towards academic, personal and social excellence.

Encouraging Multilingualism: Multilingualism is as a tool for international understanding it empowers students to become actively involved in our Glocal community. Through our curriculum we offer our students the ability to learn four languages: Arabic, English, French and Chinese. Our students are equipped with a strong command of two languages and a communicative command in a third.

Using Technology: We offer Students computer literacy and interactive "anytine, anywhere" access to qulity information technology instruction, enpowering students to use these skills to take control of and be responsile for their learning.

Using Differentiation: We believe that students have unique learning styles and that each student develops at a unique pace. As such we provide differentiated instruction throughout our classrooms.

Being committed to internationalism and appreciation of the local culture:We believe that equality, understanding and awareness are key to growth and that internationalism is not cultivated only by the curriculum but rather through the provision of an educational system and an environment of international-mindedness. Students benefit from an American curriculum (modified to include aspects of the local and international community, and participate in activities that are enhanced ny the cultural diversity of the host country, the school community and international contributions. We also believe that teaching openness,communication, respect, independence, and Global awareness are key to building international students.

Providing Qualified Staff: We set high standards for our teachers and privide ongoing training with international consultants to provide students and their families with a holistic academic and social experience.

Believing in Partnership: We will create a "learning community" where students, families, teachers and other members of the school community work together in a partnership.

Focus on Continuous Improvement: Our administration and staff are committed to self-evaluation and improvement. We rely on our internatl strategies for continuous review, which includes input from parents, as well as recommendations for growth made by external bodies such as accreditation boards and government inspection.

Location and
School Facilities

Girls' School Facilities

KiS Girls’ School campus comprises four main buildings:

  • Administration Building which houses the School Principal, Academic Director, Front Desk Officer, and Human Resource officer.
  • Bloc A which houses the Preschool Section, Daycare, Infirmary, Counseling office, ICT lab, Staff rooms, PE room, Art room, and playground equipped with slides.
  • Bloc B which houses the Upper Elementary, Middle and High School Sections, ICT labs, Biology and Chemistry lab, Physics lab, Robotics lab, Library, Staff rooms, Art room, Assembly Hall and Theater.
  • Bloc C which houses the Lower Elementary Section, Infirmary, Counseling office, ICT lab, Staff rooms and Art rooms.
  • The school also has two playgrounds equipped for football, basketball, ping pong and volleyball in addition to two canteens.

Boys' School Facilities

KiS Boys’ School campus comprises three main buildings:

  • Administrative Building which houses the School Principal, Academic Director and Director of Administration’s offices, Accountants’/Cashier’s offices, Front Desk Officer, and Bookstore.
  • Bloc D which houses the Junior School Section, Infirmary, ICT labs, Staff rooms, Arts and Crafts room,and Canteen.
  • Bloc E which houses the Middle and High School Sections, Physics, Biology & Chemistry lab, and Library.
  • The school has a playground equipped for football, basketball and volleyball.


management icon

The Context

"The health of the school depends upon having a responsible and effective system of governance which assures that the school remains true to its mission and has the necessary resources to support its operation"

BOT Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees’ responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Being responsible for the institution and its mission as a whole, and not for the separate constituencies.
  • Planning, developing and establishing policies.
  • Setting the policy of the financial condition of the school, approving budgets and monitoring them (checks and balances).
  • Ensuring that the physical plant of the school serves the mission of the school.
  • Organizing and managing itself to fulfill its duties with bylaws, policies and procedures.
  • Contracting, if and when needed, educational or other consultants to oversee the school's development, advising on the hiring criteria for the School Principal, assisting in recruitment and training, and developing the school's improvement plans in line with KiS’s purpose and direction.
  • Appointing the School Principal and the School Auditor.
BOT icon

BOT Appointment

  • Kis BOT is appointed by Al-Surat Educational Corporation LLC.
  • The Board shall include expertise in educational and business affairs as well as public relations.
  • The Board should include at least the Chairman of Al-Surat Educational Corporation LLC. The number of Board members will not exceed seven.
  • The Board shall be appointed for a term of four years indefinitely renewable.

School Management

KiS Management sees to the planning of the smooth daily operation of the Girls’ and Boys’ School affairs. Decision-making on learner life in each of the schools is handled by each school’s Management Team comprising the Principal, Academic Director, Director of Administration and Heads of Sections based on data received from Subject Coordinators, Advisors, Teachers, Health Personnel, Parents, Learners and Counselors.


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T: +966 11 4939197
    +966 11 4454863
    +966 11 4911972

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - 148 Riyadh 11411
Prince Fawaz Ben Abdel Aziz Street, Nahda Road, Riyadh, KSA

Mr. Rami Farah: [email protected]
Mr. Saoud Oteibi:[email protected]
Mrs. Johanne Mohanna: [email protected]
Mrs. Manal Al-Orabi: [email protected]
Mrs. Hind Al-Oteibi: [email protected]

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